Our Boot Camp is the best on the South Shore.  Guaranteed.  

Unlike most 'classes', we limit each session to 5 people.  Each and every set performed during this brisk 30 minute workout is supervised.  Read that part again: this is NOT your typical class where each person is left to his or her devices because the instructor cannot offer quality supervision to more than one person at a time.  If a mistake is made -and humans make them from time to time - you'll be shown a better way by the very next repetition.  

Unlike most 'boot camps', we don't ask people to run wind sprints, throw dumbbells/kettlebells/medicine balls around, nor do anything else potentially damaging to one's joint health.  We value your joints (and our own!), and your body will thank you in your later years as a result of this mindset.    

Please call/email regarding our Boot Camp schedule.