Besides offering general exercise instruction, we are the area's only spine-specific MedX facility.  The amount of time that went into the design of these machines is staggering (literally decades), and their ability to isolate and thus strengthen the weakest link in the chain is unsurpassed.   

If your house has a roof that's falling in, you don't sure up the walls and foundation in an attempt to keep the roof intact.  You fix the roof!  The same can be said for deteriorating lower backs and necks; these 'trouble areas' need to be targeted and strengthened.    

In all cases - regardless of diagnosis - as strength increases in the muscles supporting the spine, pain is diminished.  Rarely is MedX usage contraindicated.  Many of our success stories thought they had tried everything before finding relief through our service.

Don't forget to ask about our Concussion Prevention program.  We were ahead of the game in 2010 when we first announced it, but finally the general population is starting to catch on to the benefit of having a stronger neck and it's ability to lessen the risk of or at least the severity of concussion in athletes.  If your child is playing a sport semi-competitively, he or she NEEDS a stronger neck!!